Sunshine at Last


At last we have some sunshine and some heat so I am sure this is going to start to bring on crops. So far the season has been very much stop, start which is quite unusual considering the time of year. Crops on heavy land tell a different story to those on the lighter lands but we can't control mother nature. We are now into our Chinook and will be on this now for some time.

2016 Pea Harvest Start

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The 2016 pea harvest started in earnest on the 23rd June which is the earliest we have started for some time and within 4 days we had covered just over 100ha. I think over those 4 days we have seen every type of weather possible with the exception of hail as the photos show. As with all start up's you get the usual issues but overall things went well and the new team members this year have picked things up well. Looking in front we have a mixed bag of goodies to deal with but as we say, you never have two pea years the same.

2016 Dwarf Bean Drilling Start


Dwarf Bean drilling has started but it is a challenge. For the month of June we have had in excess of 120mm of rain with some growers having received 20% of their annual rainfall in just 10 days. One grower told me he got 42mm in one lump. Consequently we are way behind on the program and doing everything we can to try and make up for lost time but this will never happen. At the moment we are drilling behind the plough and some growers are even re-ploughing land just so we can get on. There will be an impact, how severe this will be we will have to wait and see.